Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on September 22, 1929

THE DETFOIT FREg PRESS SUNDAY SEPTFMB.Jl. ?2. 1919 PART FOUR HOLLYWOOD George Arliss’ “Disraeli” Said to Be Picture Gem “Flight” Is Another Will Rogers to Portray Twain’s “Connecticut Yankee” Vallee Wins Real Success Marriages and Engagements Barrymores Expect Stork Visit Other Studio News. BY SCOOP CONI.ON. In these hectic pioneer days of developing talking and mualral acreen productions, picture people sometime yarn for silence as heartily as do the theatergoers who axe afflicted with punk recording of voices and inane dialogue. In the burly-burl.’ of aupplying demand however, one must expect to open many oysters before finding a pearl Hollywood has found a pearl of purest ray in George Arils’ “Pis-raeli.” Here is an all-dialogue picture which alone Justifies the change to talking pictures. That it ! the best achievement to date, is the concensus of opinion among the Insiders who saw the preview. “Disraeli” is a gem of atorj’. beauty of dialogue expressed in pure Knglish. marvelously acted by Arliss and company and directed with skill and intelligence by Alfred E. Green. Joan Bennett, David Torrence, Anthony Bushell and Mri. George Arliss are in the cast. “Disraeli” will be distillled M highbrow drama, but it will do much towards lifting talking pictures out of the pioneering days And, I predict that it will be a box office success because I firmly believe theatergoers appreciate the finest In drama. Credit goes to Arliss, who is one of the greatest of living actors; to Green, nn erstwhile comedy director, who has made one of the finest pictures of all time, and to the Warners for persuading Arliss to enter pictures. He is now fas England, but. no doubt, will return to Hollywood to make more pictures when he learns of the sue-MP of “Disraeli” and “The Green MENTAL KfT tDUK OK MKl TiilitQ. See and hear the prince of Minttrelt in a picture that will touch your heart with its tender pathos and smashing drama. 1001 SMINtf and TALKING LEONARD iht fircat M I rut r el hringi hack famous wig. and intro duces three new hits. QritiL JasepBm DUNN A story of backstage and a man and woman separated hy ambition and brought together by love. All-Talking u”””‘ Gu. Edward Revue i color and daTHE NEWS MAURICE WONDERLY ,r. Organ ,n Tht fcnd 01 ……oci uFMOKIt’ AilUCV Or””) Kitt IHntA at Boed ‘taehnna Talkinc. “NO tM’.r.” with Mar MrAlur and Munlr Bli “Vor T’w.” mnieitr atovu time Naws ‘ Dine Dare.” suiitharn Mloiiire COLONIAL WiMMiward at Has A Taikinr Picture film Raukr ia tills l HEAVKV All Talkins i ..ii ed.v “The Runt Bed” N’tna Waealy FERRY FIELD .X”X 100i AH Talklnr. “THE DIMM.” wi.M Both thailerlM romAj. M)ajif-hnl7 Dsn it KinnfTMrift nDttnnuua 2 to 11 p. w AdulU t&c; Ouldrwi .!v GLADWIN Vkarurr H.txtrr mni lole Mutn in M him. THT It Ml VIN” AH Talking” -Pre P-arUma ‘ k’UNSKY ALHAMBRA “ESStZ riara low S ,rr MMtstsWi B n Kepinr Somrttuf’s; r’ -ii foSL Dap t MiM Kfrinf KUN SKY DE LUXE kef rteial ( rrk lew Hr Ri’tiMrri rlrn. Mary Brian. Bo’ mim a tMl dark thir in th AH-Tnkinr Picture IMI. MN I I.O.r. Kl’harri rlrn. Mi ana Jack tinkle in th” “Till. U V An ATI Talk nt !.lo. KUNSKY STRAND Am AI!-Tik t.r Lloyd Ham.iton Ome’r (Irani. Klirr t t urlrriith 1 Ian Bow TaiklOff “l a Brilliant w k uN( f ku – . t k r.v Alan sennet, Talatna ‘ mtAf It C1I I L r a DnCU t-Mrtreathat Let omllc unutn at l.rai d n mi T but h Ktirr Whlla “Hot 7iii MARTHA WASHINGTON imZ?SEi Parameoni AH Talkinr Pkiur Tsrr hi ii is im wi v.. !, REGENT A MS TUXEDO Hamilton aia 4 Tin. do A s T “hi ill. t .l it KAAT- wiiii !.ati. Wil laa Harts VrevMf H Hnhart Manra ToaaadaT “Catltflt ” a Taa Paf.a anr aka oua4 !- FILM LETTER Goddess.” Arliss and Green made this last-named stage aurcess first, and although It Is a mystery melo drama laid in the Orient, It will prove almost as great a success a “Disraeli.” Next, we hope to hear of Arliss malting “Old English.” Incidentally, these two dramatic pictures mark the return of Green to the ranks of the first ten dlrec tors from which he has been absent for the last year or so. Aa the dl rector of most of Thomas Melghan comedy dramas and of Colleen Moore’s comedies, Green was on th. heights for several seasons. Of late, he hasn’t had any outstanding successes until he confounded th critics by venturing Into drama di recting Arliss. Just to further prov hia versatility Green is now direct ing John Barrymore in “The Man and. unlike John’s recent acreer. efforts, this film is a comedy. “Flight.” While on the aomewhat hazardou subject of predicting successful pictures, I might as well add that the independent Columbia company haa turned out a truly amazing picture in “Flight,” an epic of the United States marine corps. In fact, this modern drama of aviation and our marines was produced with the full sanction and co-operation of the service. By this time “Flight” . probably haa taken New York by storm, as It was scheduled to open at the George M. Cohen theater on the day this letter was written. It! is interesting to note that Jack Holt and Ralph Gravea, co-star with Lila Lee, in “Flight,” because It was this same team of Holt and Graves that starred in one of the best picture! of 1S28, “Submarine,” also ‘ produced by Columbia. Both these pictures were directed by a young man named Frank Capra, who la j certainly one of the finest directors ‘ we have today. (He got his start In comedy, too, directing Harry Langdon i The production of; “Flight” Is another feather In the cap of the leading independent picture producer, Harry Cohn, who really turns out one or two of our ‘ beat pictures every year. “The Yanke-.” Good news Is In store. Will Rogers has promised to star in “The Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court.” If ever an actor was made for a story or a atory written for an actor, just combine Will Rogers and Mark Twain’s “Connecticut Yankee.” I can start ‘ laughing now when I conjure the sound of Will’s drawl In the quaint humor of Mark Twain’s fantastic lines. Will completed his first picture, “They Had to See Paris.” aev- j eral weeks ago and has another to do before starting “The Yankee” It will be remembered that the Twain classic was produced hy Fox many years ago, and proved one of the greatest successes in the picture history of that day. Tola’s Plans. Right now the effervescent Pola : Negri is the cynosure of all eyes In Hollywood. Candid as ever, Pola 1 is aatisfylng everybody’s curiosity , regarding her future, domestic and artistic. She la separated from her husband, Prince Serge M’Dvanl and they will shortly be divorced. Furthermore, they are still good , friends. Regarding her picture career, Pola has no yen to try Hollywood talkies. Shu has a nice j , fat year’s contract with a German-! Knglish company In Berlin. In fact, she will return to Berlin within a month to attend the premiere Of her first picture. “The Street of i a Lost Soul.” This picture Is part-; talkie, part-silent and, according to Pola, the next two will be all-dialogue. She Is to make her second ‘ picture In Spain in October. For her third. Pola plans to make Georgia Bernard Shaw’s “Antony and Cleopatra.” This, she believes, will be her best production. To reveal the secret of Pola’s visit to Hollywood, let me Inform you that this actress may be temperamental. ‘ but she Is also a mighty shrewd business woman She owns plenty of valuable California real estate. He Conquers. Now we know why a million New 1 York women ran t be wrong. This ; Rudy Vallee boy has all the person-. al charm and showmanship with ! which he has been credited. Young Vallee stepped into a mighty tough spot In blase Hollywood. The screen wlsecrackera were all set to give him the works In other words. Hollywood was just a wee bit antagonistic to New York’s new sensation. Not only did Vallee slip into town as unostentatiously aa he ‘ could, but he has kept himself out nf thf limelight as much as possl-1 ble. Unannounced, he made his de- I but at the RKO theater the other I night with his own Connecticut Yankees In connection with the opening of “Street Girl.” The lad j hadn’t crooned more than one song,1 before the audience gave him an ovation. Yes, sir, he’s a riot. P. S. Probably the most ridiculous criticism levied at him before he hit Hollywood was to the effect that he waa trading on the late Ru-; dolph Valentino’s name. The truth ; Is that the lad was such a great admirer of the late Rudy Wledoeft, famous saxophonist, that his Yals classmates give him the nickname. Janet’s Wedding. Well, demurs little Janet Gaynor kept her word. Pesplte Hollywood i studio rumors to the effect that she might team with Charlie Farrell In real life as well aa on the screen, Janet married the lad to whom aha has been engaged for more than a year. As Mrs I.ydell Peck, the , little Fox star is now on her Honolulu honeymoon. Young Peck Is a successful Oakland attorney. He certainly Is to be congratulated not only because he has married one of i the finest young women In pictures, but because he won her heart and , hand over all rivals. And. the list of swains that wanted to lead Miss Gaynor to the altar was a large ; one, I can assure you. Just before getting married, Janet completed her last Fox picture, “Sunny Side Up,” In which she Is co-starred with : Farrell. There Is a rumor In Holly-, wood today that this successful ‘ team of screen lovers has been separated for all time. It Is known ‘ tha Charlie recently renewed his attentions to Janet, hut to no avail At present, young Farrell is on a tour nf the United States making personal appearances and enjoying a vacation as well Miss Gsynor’s future picture plans will not be announced until she has returned from her honeymoon. K.ngagement. We have two Important engage ot.ii to announce this week. First Alluring Gold A . ‘Hbbbbbbbbbbss ygga aassasas Ak ”rtMB. .bbbbbbw jmi .i ” . Bkt LStN. aaaaaflEaWkwl Several years ago Ann Pennington (upper left hand corner) and Nancy Welford (In the middle) were singing and dancing together in Zlegfeld’a Follies and the furth est thought from their minds was the possibility that either, let alone both, would one day find themselves in the movies but, here they are together again in “The Gold Diggers of Broadway” at the Paramount. Since that early association In the Follies, Ann has danced her way to fame and fortune in many a Broad- of all. Loretta Young has admitted her engagement to Grant Withers. They met only a few months ago while wcrklng together with Douglas Fairbanks. Jr., at the First National Btudlos In a picture called “Fast Life.” Both are successful youngsters who give promise of teaching stardom and their romance is typically Hollywood. It la quite probable that Francis Marion, widow of the late Fred Thomson, cowboy star, will marry again In the near future. Although the engagement has not been officially announced it is generally understood that Miss Marlon will marry George Hill, one of the leading directors at the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios. As everyone knows. Miss Marlon is a most successful woman screen writer In the game Neither deny their engagement and as Hill aptly puts It: “It Is a possibility. We have known each other for seventeen years.” Ol’ Doc Stork. John Barrymore and Dolires Costello are expect’ng the arrival of an heir or heiress at their Beverly Hills home within a few months The couple made this interesting admission following their teturn from a short vacation trip to New York. Barrymore declined to say when the visit of the stork is anticipated. “We are very happy and excited in cur anxiety over the coming event.” Barrymore declared. “I guess there isn’t much else we can say.” The famous screen couple were married Inst November following one of Hollywood’s most Interesting romances. Working Honeymoon, Patsy Ruth Miller, whose mar-liage to Tay Garnett, was one of the Important social affairs of Hollywood’s season, will probably set a new record for brevity of honeymoons. The popular actress was squarely In the middle of a Warner Brothers picture, “Wide Open,” playing opposite Edward Everett Horton, at the time of h r wedding and the best arrangement of shooting schedules that could be made, gave her but one day’s freedom from duty. Consequently, Pat was married Sunday, had MondHy for a honeymoon and wedding trip and was back on the “Wide Open” set on Tuesday. Incidentally the bride worked all day Saturday preceding the wedding, while relatives and friends attended to the thousand and one details incident to such an occasion. Dan Cupid has certainly played havoc with the list of Hollywood bachelor girls this year. Mav Mac Avoy, Mary Eaton, Janet Gaynor, Patsy Ruth Miller and In the near future, Bebe Daniels and Loretta r i t in i i BAQLEV ATKUVfkVCiaCLB is Mivtiubbiiti nssf lm.- nntpri lifer v I W rail Put Mrs. Gubbint in your family album you’ll never forget the laugh he gives you. The screen never created quite to funny a character. ALL-TALKING! E-fe Cuoia to Tn.Iaj’a Matinee .ataawaT Not a Choal aaaaaaCaaal BaaafliS 9eaaaaaaa8 I hnller -tH LvY TICKETS NOW ON SALE AT BOXOFFICE! MIDNIGHT PREMIERE Viril I’frjarmaUit M the Vniltd Stat,) 4.1 Old A SV SO .Jggfla – “The TRESPASSES” NEXT Mil RV 11:3 P. M. N AaVaara ia PricM Digging Girls way revnue. while Nancy has had equal success In musical comedy. In the picture. Ann plays the star of a Broadway revue and Nancy has the role of her understudy. Just for luck, we’ve put in tht above picture a “fotey” of Winnie T irhtnf fhwaa Hirht hand corner). iwho Is called the “tomboy of the Stage ana wnose songs are an aw Iportant Item In the many dazzling features of “The Gold Diggers of l Broadway,” the first all-color sing-1 ing. talking, dancing musical screen i production. ‘ Young. Hollywood has been tremendously Interested in the Mlller-Garr.ett romance aa these success-: ful young people are really considered home folk. Pat haa been here ever since her early ‘teens and . Tay is a local boy who has made ! good aa a director. All we cin do ; is wish them good luck and a real honeymoon later. Monte Moves. For the first time in many years, ; Monte Blue will find himself work- ing at a studio other than Wrner ! Brothers. Owing to the tremendous success scored by Vitaphone specials I during the past year, the Warners have decided to take a two months . vacation In Europe, so the studio I will be closed down during that period. However, one mustn’t for-‘ get that the Warners also own First National. Result: all of the Warn-i er stars and directors will be transferred to this studio during that period. The first to move is Monte Blue who has already started his new talking picture, “Murder Will Out.” Clarence Badger is directing and Lila Lee. who has staged a tine comeback, will play opposite. Romance. The screen’s first romantic team , from Uie musical comedy stage ‘ Bernice Claire and Alexander Gray, I will become fixtures In the stellar ‘ sky. They have each scored biif hits : in the leading roles In “No. No, I Nanette,” which Is heralded as one of the most enjoyable musical ptc- tures of the season. It was pro- duced at First National. Miss Cliire and Gray began their association ! on the musical stage with the New ! York and Chicago companies of “The Desert Song ” The First National company has lost no time In ‘ signing them to long term con-) tracts. Their next picture will be “Spring Is Here.” Vaudeville. Another vaudevlllo hcadliner who is bereaving the two-a-day by taking himself out of the varieties In favor of the talkies Is Frank De-Voe, who has headlined Or-pheum and Keith bills for many years. DeV’oe signed with Universal “for the featured comedy role In “The Colli ge Racketeer.” In which James Murray and Kathryn Crawford are the principals, and which Reginald Barker Is directing The comedian threw away his stage makeup for one of the screen at the end of his engagement at the Orpheum. He will portray a smart aleck newspaper reporter In the new film. While no definite announcement Is made it is In the cards that DeVoe will sign a long term contract with Universal. News Noteia. The Inimitable Beatrice Llllie has dashed home to England for a brief w i r i ri COOUO 9YOFeU!AriON j iMPiirR ALL – LAUGHING! OKU 1 A CANNOT BOSS DAME NATURE “Trader Horn” Director Eats Up Time and Money Fighting Jungle Obstacles. New York. Sept. 21 (Special to The Free Press.) Tht farther a movie company travels from Its home lot to go “on location” the more painful Its experiences are apt to be because man has not yet learned to boss nature. Take the “Trader Horn” company, which is now trouplng It in British East Africa after many weeks in the Belgian Congo AJjnost everything in the world has happened to that outfit, according to John W. Mr-Clain, who has returned from playing around with the “Trader Horn” outfit. “Ben Hur.” photographed partly In Italv bv M-G-H. cost more than H.OOO.dbO. and at the rate “Trader Horn” Is going In the African jungue, the “Ben Hur” record may be broken. Days of Inaction from black skies or tropical downpours or uncontrollable beasts or the Indisposition of some essential native actor eat up time, and time is money in the movies about $’20.0no a day In the case of a picture such f “Trader Horn” Is making. Seeking Wild Animal Shots. McClain. with the company four months, tells a thrilling tale of the efforts of W. S. Van Dyke, the dl-1 rector, to surmount the obstacles ‘ : thrown In front of his work by na-. ‘ ture. One of the big objects of the director Is to get wild animal 1 “shots,” so they have been dam- . ming lakea to collect crocodiles, driving herds of wild elephanta through the primitive jungle and bearding lions in their dens. Van Dyke captains a safari of 200 ! natives and 30 white men. The : equipment of the company la pon- . derous stuff. Including heavy sun ! : arc lights bigger than a steamship’s j searchlight; generating engines to supply current; dozens of motion i picture cameras; sound apparatus ! to can the Hon’ roar and the bull elephant’s enraged trumpeting, and ; tons of film and food and clothing. visit with her family. She Is scheduled to return here November 1, to do a comedy under the Warner Brothers banner. Here is one of the truly great comediennes of the present day . Two years ago Lillian Rich drop-! ped out of the Hollywood picture, j She had just finished a contract with C. B. DeMllIe when she decld-, ed to return to her native England. ‘ Miss Rich has made five talking pic-; : tures on the other side during that j period. She Is back here for the MJSMl reason all other professionals come to Hollywood, to break Into the talkies. Don Douglas Is a young recruit i . from the stage who Is beginning ; to attract considerable attention In talking pictures. He was discovered by James Cruz who used him as a juvenile lead with Eric Von Strohelm and Betty Compson In “The Great Oabbo.” Recently he scored such a hit with Universal In a picture called “Tonight at : Twelve” that he has been signed by Director Harry Pollard to play opposite Mary Nolan In a picture titled “Ropes.” Here’s a laugh! Donald Ogden Stewart, author and after dinner! wit, will make his acting debut with Marion Davies In “Dulcy.” King Vidor is directing and the cast includes Raymond Huckctt, E ‘lott j Nugent. Sally Starr, Julia Fay and Franklin Pangborn. All th studio wits are preparing to Bit back and shout with much enjoyment: “Go: ahead Mr. Stewart, make us laugh.” Ae0nifi c en 6 CHIGAN uitUt u 1 1 100 Tht 0″ Cooled by eeFRioerivnoN RICHARD Ail-Talking! r BROTMEQS COCOANUT? feremDuni i Lmugh r?rof utf S OSCAR SHAW MARY EATON .1 M f M I .IT a, l aa m Tv” AJI-Singingf VfOUCl MARX I Film Capitol Has Tragedy Houses As Stars Fall and Lose Fortunes Even as American cities go, Hollywood Is still a boom town, grown up in 2u years from a few scattered farm houses to a city known in the far corners of the world. But for all its youth, Hollywood already haa more than Its share of tragedy-houses, mansions haunted with memories of vivid careers shattered by scandal, homes closed by sudden death and lost fortunes. Rudolph Valentino’s palatial home. Falcon’s Lair, perched high on the ledge of a mountain, is still the chief point of interest for the morbidly curious, for It has never been occupied ince the untimely death of Its master. Stripped of its furnishings and isolated from tije town, it has taken on a bleak look. Then there Is the little brown house of the tragic Barbara La Marr, nestled among its eucalyptus trees. They called Its builder “the too beautiful girl.” Scandalmongers turned her slightest indiscretion into an escapade. Until her sudden death she was probablv the st talked about figure In the picture colony. Great castle-like houses stand as monuments to careers that tumbled at their height those of Charles ATTEND m Door’s OpenC Ufc 10:45 A.M. j COLD DIGGER? OF m m v1 f , J l M II fBBSMmBSjBfmKpB mJJ aaBBaW i .1 y-PIIBlIX TEigATBggfS, A Great Sunday Show! Romance is rampant on stage and screen this week! Attend a matinee! Doors open 10:45 a. m. dwf mm l neir,Mi All Singing! All-Talking! All-Loving! Stan of “Clou Harmony” together in a Ha r amount Komanca of Even Greater Heart Appeal. Hear the Ke vulutiunar v Khvihm. Dr. Dix Will Curt Your Heart lilt! a AS jBwk 7 sr L KKTOR’ Hear Dix make love to June Collyer! He’ a heart specialist and how! Adaptation of famous stage play, “The Boomerang”! aV I BTlwaVI A Ul DERBY OAYaf” Al rm both aMe anrl rrrn ‘ W “Al But a Nw far.” “talkie ” “Tanglefoot . with nii’hr I.- HMH K a) MC’IXT, nn.Mr with a Un,-‘ Uios l (iKLMt’tRY, annHitli anil h.trmonio’ia MSIIIR SYMPHONY. Samuel Bi-navla, I CTW al- I”,a, I ii iiJ’Vnj MlW-Lsa 2nd SINGING WEEK 1 I VLaaat Cosae at a an.1 hear Vitaphone’ Vlaaaaaaaar HaMafDK WW His golden oi romance brings ecstasy to human hearts and thrills you to tht very soul! Donrs 0ffH 10 Al .. m Last m ht sla It 10 f. a. irTTTaW -” n i aai Tn Ray. Harry Langdon and Roscoe Arbuckle. The first two were forced to sell their mansions when fortune turned against them, but they are slowly coming back. Arbuckle, on the other hand, is permanently out of pictures. His great English house is deserted. But Hollywood’s real tragedy-house it Is said is the great Ralphs’ mansion on Hollywood boulevard. Doug Fairbanks lived there when he got his divorce. Norma Talmadge and Joseph Schenck lived there before they were separated, and the latest occupant, Emil Jannings, saw his American career vanish when the talkies took over the screen. William Boyd’s next appearance will be as a young khaki cavalier of the United States cavalry in “His First Command,” a new all-talking picture written especially for him. It will be recalled that some of Boyd’s most successful roles have been those In which he wore the distinctive garb of some branch of civil or military service. These in- f elude such pictures as “Dress Parade.” “The Midshipmen.” “The ! Cop.” “The Leatherneck” and “The Flying Fool.” Fomeriu, the CAPITOL BROADWAY at UN5rO CIRCLE MATINEE TODAY PUT THE SUN IN How Detroit lovea this picture! And what a picture it is! All color, all life and daah and brilliance and aparkling romance! It scintillatea ! It fairly vibrates with the realiam of life-like color! The Paramount crn LIVES and you Iwe with it! BROADWAY Vitaphone’t Second Magnificent All-Color Production of Music and Song and Dance and Love and Snappy Dialogue! The Kind of Cast the Stage Gives You for $6.60! ANN PENNINGTON “FoVtsf dancing enquett NICK LUCAS nmgimg “Tift” Thru th Tulif.” “Painimj tht Cloud With Sunihiut.” WINNIE LIGHTNER Zcgfr’dt naughty “gmme yxr’,” CONWAY IfcARLK ULYAN TASHMAN – pusrx. aaaaaaBBBBsa” aasssar I P 3 w 1 95wx ” B-Warner J ST U!lTU SONGS voice unlocks the gate Comedian Mack Starts Building; To n of Crowlar.d “Rome wasn’t built in a day ar.d neither will Tierra del Cuervo, but look at Rome now.” With such a statement, Charks E. Mack, of the Moran and Mack team of Two Black Crowa, has set for himself the task of building a city. The site for Tierra d Cuervo, which is alleged to be Spanish for “Crowland” is Just outside Newhall, Calif, on property which Mark recently purchased. The new town will be Just below the ranch of William S. Hart. Mack plans to have 20 to 30 homes built within a year. “I’ve started the foundation for one home already,” Mack reports. “Of course that isn’t much, but then it’s a lot more than Romulus and Remus accomplished In a corresponding time after they had discovered the site of Rome.” Moran and Mack have just completed work on their first motion picture. They have decided to mako California their home, have pin-chased considerable property In and around Hollywood and are building residences for themselves and .families. fl .ait iJiqht SUNDAY. Dc: f5Tw -‘-avnrcr t 7., E Alt, ‘ 0 I v , ””mZtt Mas’er mr..-1 a , “‘unier atery i At L- ssa. aaaW WOttYIWOD . uaveu Lee If

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