St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on October 17, 1929

PAGE 14 ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 102H. FIVE CAUGHT TAKING LIQUOR FROM PLANEJEAR DETROIT Pilot ICsoapcs in Craft, but Auto and tO Cases of Whisky Arc Seized. AVlXDSOn. Ont., Oct. 17. United States customs inspectors who yesterday arrested five men unload inr liquor from an airplane at Nine-Mile road, near Detroit, said today the machine had been operating t lie last week or 3 0 days out of La Salle, one of Essex County’s liquor export centers. The piljt escaped in the plane as he noted the approach of the Fd eral men, who seized an automo bile and 10 cases of whisky which they said had been removed from the plane. .ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, POWER CONCERNS SEND 5r. LOUIS’ MOST COMPLETE SPORTING GOODS STORE Jor HUNTERS Reasonably priced boots that meet popular demand and will give the best of service and satisfaction under-the roughest treatment. Made of Chocolate Rosite leather over the famous Munson last. The moccasin type toe, leather lined vamp, outside counter pocket and welt sewed heavy double soles of tough oak leather assure you durability and comfort. 16 inches high. Sizes 6 to 11. Specially priced at “Witch Elk” and “Russell” Boots $19 A complete stock of these well and favorably known leather boots in the 16″ height at. . . . WOOL SOCKS For the Huntsman Mo.’f caivlul attention is given ! i he quality ot vixl useJ in Lcaco:L socks for srort-mrn. Conjwrtlv our nocls are the find rt and sot re ft obtainable :.nd c.imot hurt the ftct. In ray with cithei i red or sreen tops. IKE WALTON Rubber Boots 75c to $3 Txtrr mclv hjht n weight and vr rv comfortable. The special feature combined in fhc boot make them he undisputed leader or fishing or hunting. In black gray $6.50 SPECIAL Fresh Winch ester “Ranger” Loaded Shells, 12-auge. …… box 65c FOOTBALL TICKETS Ticket tor all borne games at St. Loui. Wahingto.-i and Illinois Universities on sale here. 921 Locust CEntral 4S92 NQUIRY DATA SLOWLY Failure to Return Question’ naires Impedes Survey, Trade Commission Says. By tha Associated Press. WASHINGTON, Oct. 17 The federal Trade Commission consld era that Its survey of the financial organization of public utility pow er companies Is being impeded by the failure of some corporations to provide it with important informa tion, particularly data on mergers. This factor and a shortage of funds, the Commission said in its current quarterly report to Con gress, is proving a serious obstacle in its effort to carry out the task given over to it by Congress. The Commission is particularly anxious that the questionnaires which it sent to power holding corporations be returned promptly and asserted in its report that large concerns of this nature had failed to submit these reports although in many instances they had actually been prepared by subsidiary companies, i I The task of trarincr thp of capital assets has grown “laborious,” the report said, because of the “numerous complicated mergers and consolidations effected through the use of intermediaries and syndicates, together with the lack of unlforaiitv and the complexity of hold’.ng company accounting methods and the employment of numerous subsidiary companies.” Describing the work of the last three months, the report went on to say that a study of the method of issuing certificates was In progress together with a survey of fees and bonuses paid and of the banking departments organized by several holding companies to handle the securities if ciih.Vini.iint- m.i I ‘ – …… Q ..UU operating companies. In connection with an effort to assemble information disclosed tnat it was making an inquiry into j properties, rate policies, and oper-! ating costs as they might be af- ii-i-ivu ii j- me noiaing companies and also into the services thev render and the economies they ef- ‘ tect. With its statement that funds ar running low. the Commission said that to expedite its inquiry a ! larger staff of accountants would j be necessary and that under present appropriations. its force of workers cannot be increased. wwiJuisn Here Is an EVENT You Cannot Afford to Miss Sensational Phenomenal SIXTH and LOCUST SALE of NEW mm IR1 Values to $29.85 jU W I . JJ ifmi it Just Imagine Here is an opportunity for you to buy a beautiful, warm, fully lined Winter coat luxuriously fur trimmed at a phenomenally low price. Broadcloths, suede velours and sports mixtures, in the newest colors brown, grackle, black and navy. Stout-Arch SIHIOES FOR STOUT WOMEN Eyery shoe is specially constructed with a built-in Arch support and a snug narrow Heel fitting. lnnr oilier Mtrlen jnt n beautiful i t h a a e piWnrl. SIZES 40 TO 60 For Inll. medium or nhort tout women. M’.F.a TO 11 YVirTMI Other. $5.75 to $8.75 EXPERT FITTING GUARANTEED, SAYS OBSTETRICAL TRAINING IN U. S. IS INADEQUATE Swedi-h I’lii-kian Says Illsks or Motherhood Are (.renter in America. Than in HLs Country. Br the A -! a teJ Hres. CHICAGO, Oct. 17. The opinion that the average woman in America takes twice as great a risk with her life in becoming a mother as the peasant woman in some re- j mote Swedish village, was ex-! pressed yesterday by Dr. James j Heyman. Swedish radiologist, who j was here to address the annual ; congress of the American College of Surgeons. i Pr. Heyman said the lower mor-i tality rate in Sweden was due to the fact that the Swedish Govern- ! j iiient takes an active part in the i j regulation of the medical profes sion, while in this country regula-, tion is largely left to the profession itself. “In every province,” he said. “Sweden maintains physicians who draw most of their pay from the Government. supplemented by ! w hat small fees the poor people can pay. Because so many people of Sweden live in remote places, unable to consult specialists, every I one of these men must be specially trained in obstetrics. He spends four months of his training period in lying-in hospitals. “The obstetrical training of American medical students is sadly inadequate.” Discussing radiology as a complete or partial substitute for surgery in the treatment of localized cancer. Dr. Heyman in an address, predicted that excellent results could be obtained. Ho said he based his opinion on cases observed in Stockholm. INDICTED FOR DRIVING AWAY AFTER AUTO KILLED PEDESTRIAN lxlwln (“arrow, 21. a Clerk. Said to Hae Admitted His Car Struck if an. Erwin Carrow, 21 years old, a clerk residing at 3916 Shreve avenue, was charged with feloniously leaving the scene of an accident in an indictment voted by the grand jury yesterday afternoon. Carrow is charged with driving away from the vicinity of Taylor and Easton avenues after his automobile fatally injured Evan Edwards. 69. 4660A Evans avenue, on the night of Aug. 11. Fifteen minutes after the accident Carrow was arrested going west on Easton avenue near tne 5800 block. He wore neither hat nor coat. His automobile was found abandoned at Semple and Easton avenues with broken headlight, bent tender and particles o gray hair and blood clinging to the damaged parls. ‘If admitted to the police he struck a man. bv camo frightened and failed to stop. 1lvortvt llaiulolpli S. f,on. Mrs. Susie May Lyon, 15 Dart-ford avenue, Clayton, obtained a divorce from Randolph S. Lyon, insurance agent, in Circuit Judge -Volte’s court at Clayton yesterday on grounds of general indignities. Custody of twi minor children was awarded to her. besides 110’) a month for their support. Lyon did not contest th suit. INSULL JR. SUGGESTS CUTTING GAS RATE TO INCREASE ITS USE Head of Chicago Company at National Meeting Crges Salesmanship Methods. ATLANTIC CITY. N. J.. Oct. 17. Samual Insull Jr., president of the Midland United Co. of Chicago, urged the establishment of lower gas rates whenever this will induce heavier consumption and more general use of gas for do- CINCINNATI AND RETURN Saturday Oct. 19th Train leaves St. Louli 9:58 pm. Returning- leaves Cincinnati 10:30 pm EAT, .Sunday, Oet. 20th. Correspondingly low rate from Car-lyle. Odin, Salem and Flora. , Consult A sent. Tickets Good Only in Coaches. Children naif Fare. No Baggage Checked. Tickets: 418 Locust and at Union Station Baltimore & Ohio mestic purposes, before the convention of the American Gas Association yesterday. “Sales can be increased in two ways,” said Insull, “by obtaining new customers, and. by raising the consumption of existing customers. The first is more a matter of fortune than intelligence. “The extensive expansion of the market, however, is almost entirely the result of cultivation. Increase in sales in this field can be only the result of sales promotion, by a combination of attractive rates, persuasive advertising, and proper salesmanship calculated to convince the public that no home is modern without gas service, and plenty of it.” THE NEW AND MIGHTIER Assures Greater I ii Today! Hear It! Mail This Coupon for a Free Home Demonstration l THE BENWOOP I.INZE CO. i 19th and Wailiineton. ,t. 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Then try this: Have your woodwork in each room enameled with S-W Enameloid. From the wonderful galaxy of happy, lasting Enameloid colors select those which harmonize with your drapes and rugs. Give an added colorful touch by painting a chair or table with this famous enamel. You will be amazed at the transformation. Overnight your home will acquire lfew youth new value. For color levels age. And there will be an intriguing eh arm in the color ensemble of each room . S-W Enameloid is the world’s finest decorative enamel. Its colors are so rich and true that an artist could paint a picture with them. Dainty shades of the most expressive individuality can be obtained by intermixing. This marvelous new enamel is ideal for home use on furniture or woodwork. It is so easy to brush to a satiny, porcelain-like finish that leaves no place for dirt or germs to lodge. You will like its long wearing qualities and its washableness. Dries rapidly without sacrifice to quality or beauty. At “Pain t Headquarters” in your neighborhood your S-W dealer has valuable color charts and information to help you choose the right paint and the best color scheme for every surface. Consult “Paint Headquarters” about these modern woodwork effects in your home right now. THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 5U Spruce St, St. Louis, Mo. Telephone CII. 6681 . i – i ENAMELOID The rapid drying decorative enamel. Tlie world’a finest decorative enamel. Dries rapidly without sacrificing beauty-or durability. Ideal (T ff for -c on woodwork, furniture, toys, porch J Jl I and lawn furniture, and all similar wood or 1 metal surfaces around tho home. IVr pint MAR-NOT Water Kcsf ctlng FLAT-TONE Hoar Varnish A hbl flt wall paint for ia A pale durable floor Tarninh m.Js d’Tor? ,ion”‘ m ?,no,t,, to take tbe dally punishment from ‘VT Gm.’,h P’!. ‘ nd tr.mpina heels. W ithstand, both 2,b”. ,n,”,’ Y”‘! “”IS: hotndcoIdwater.Mdee.perillT sPrl “”‘y under bruh. Dtk. for ow on parquet floor of O.k. VJz,””1 ,r:,li ,brTh ?.” Light Maple, or Birch, a well a. Produce, a beautiful relret fiiuia. printed linoleum. CM 4″ Can he repeatedly ) QT Per quart 0L4t washed. Price, CaUon J.OD swp The world’n standard of bouae paint . . – qualur- SW P in made in one qual- VXOOH ENAMUi ity only and that the rry beau . . – a Famous for long life and the per- A f””‘ ‘”” ” f’ manency of ita many beautiful “‘ oTete floor. Aluo adapted colors. Covera more aquare feet of ‘rer enameling linoleum. Just tha surface per gallon. Coctsleaa on tha thing for painting the recreatioa houae than cheaper paints at a lower room to the banement. J1 ftft price per gallon. Hegu- Per quart $1.UV lar Colors, per gallon. CO Q! GIom White, per gallon, – SlHUERWm-WffLUAMS PAINTS – VARNISHES – LACQUERS – ENAMELS These stores offer the world’s greatest paint values: Specify S-W Enameloid and engage a good painter DOWNTOWN The Famous-Barr Co. 7th and Olive St. Schroeter Bros. 8th and Washington Nugent Broadway & Washinggton NORTH 2819 N. Vandeventer Ave, Milstone Hdwe. Co. Newstead and Lee Aves.. Niehaus Hdwe. Co. 440 St. Louis Ave, Sch acht Hdwe. Co. 5023 Emerson Ave, A. T. Dwyer. 6210 W. Florissant Ave.. Franke Hdwe. Co. Sarah and Easton Avs, Boeckler Lbr. Co. 14th and Cass. Boeckeler Lbr. Co. WEST 5166 Easton Ave., Felter Hdwe. Co. 855 Good fellow Ave, John Cleary. 6629 Enright Ave.. Lloyd T. Smith. 2620 N. Ktngshighway. Kinrshighway Hdwe. Co. 7425 Warner. Z. T. Riley. SOUTH 2331 S. Broadway. Edele A Mertz. 1545 S. 39th St, Mound City Hdwe. Co. 3029 Cherokee St. Tbiele Hdwe. Ca. 2005 S. Jefferson. Wm Weaklev. 5S02 Gravois. Wm. H. Bick. 5350 Devonshire Ave, A. W. Heitmeyer. 3330 S. Broadway. E. G. Decker Hdwe. ST. LOUIS SUBURBAN Jennings. Mo.. Jennings Hdwe. Co. Maplewood. Mo, Chas. Wilson. Pattonville. Mo, C. C. Branneky. Pine Lawn. Mo., Loop Hdwe. Co. St. Charles. Mo, H. G. Ranch Lbr. Co. St. Johns Station, Hoffeld Hdw. Co. Valley Park. Mo, Valley Park Lbr. Co. Webster Groves. Mo, Gorelock Hdwe. Co. EAST SIDE EAST ST. LOUIS 31B N. 10th St, Dallett Auto Supply Co. 15th and Lincoln Sts, O’Neil Lumber Co. 3915 Waveriy Ave, Waverly Hdwe. Co. 125 N. 6th SU E. E. Strother. EAST SIDE SUBURBAN Alton, Illinois. Beardslee Hdwe. Co. Belleville. Illinois. Chas. Keil & Son. 26 E. Main St. Bethalto. Illinois. Geo. A. Klein. Caseyville. Illinois. Collinaville, Illinois. Bruso Lumber Co. Columbia. Illinois, K. A. Weinel Hdw. Co. Dupo. Illinois. Dupo Lbr. A Hdwe. Co. East Alton, Illinois, r Modern Plmbg. & Htf. I Edwardsville. 111. Edwardaville Lbr. C. Granite City. Illinois, Coudy Bros. Lbr. Ca. Lebanon. Illinois. Lebanon Drug Co. Madison. Illinois. Coudy Bros. Lbr. Ca. O’Fallon. Illinois. Walter Thomas. Waterloo, Illinois, Chas. Groase A Son. Woodriver. Illinois. Wm. H. Hueckrl. Central Hdwe. Lbr. I. J-

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